Turkish TV reiterates official Erdogan positions in report subtitled in Greek (video)

The news package quotes a Turkish professor as saying that Greece should be threatened with ‘casus belli’ for extending territorial waters south of Crete

Turkish network TRT aired the established Turkish positions and aspirations for the new cycle of exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey, in a report subtitled in Greek.

The news report, which is a rehashing of irredentist Turkish views, points out that for Ankara there are many issues open for discussion with Greece and not only the issue of demarcation of the EEZ and the continental shelf as stated by Athens.

“The Greek government is deaf to Ankara’s calls for an unconditional dialogue. Athens only wants the issue of territorial waters on the table,” the report said, noting that “Turkey is reacting to this stance,” citing recent statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu.

The report also includes statements by Ankara University Professor of Social Sciences Muhittin Ataman, who reiterates Turkey’s position on the demilitarisation of the Greek Aegean islands, the extent of territorial waters by sea and air, and more, stressing that a possible extension to 12 nm south and SE of Crete will put Turkey and Libya in a difficult position.

“We must say the same for Crete,” he said, meaning that Ankara should threaten Greece with casus belli in this case as well. TRT accuses Greece of seeking to pit Turkey against the EU, but to no avail.