Two cops ignored burglary call to have sex in police car while on duty

The officers are both married with kids

Two cops ignored call-outs to a hospital and a burglary — to have sex in their police car while on duty. Sgt Molly Edwards and lover PC Richard Paton’s affair was exposed after suspicious bosses bugged the vehicle.

A disciplinary panel was told that Paton, 39, was heard moaning “aww, let’s just get naked”, after an urgent 4.51am radio request for assistance at an electrical store burglary.

The officers — both married with kids — had ignored a 4.17am call to attend a hospital to deal with two victims of a serious assault outside a nightclub.

At the time, they were parked up 15 minutes away having sex, an independent disciplinary board heard.

Panel chair John Bassett said in an adjudication report: “It is evident from the transcripts of what occurred after the call that sexual activity continued.”

The panel heard secret recordings in the patrol car captured “verbal expressions of sexual fantasies” by the two officers, who were based in the Surrey Heath area.


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