US Ambassador Pyatt: Greece is a pillar of stability in the wider S.E Mediterranean region

Mr. Pyatt met with the President of the Hellenic Parliament

Greek Parliament President Constantine Tassoulas met with US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt on Tuesday on the heels of the crucial Greek-Italian maritime agreement signed earlier today.

As Turkey is intensifying its provocations against Greece in the southeastern Mediterranean, the US ambassador stressed, among other things, that “the role of the US is important and based on the fact that Greece is a pillar of stability in the region and of course this alliance is one of the top priorities for the United States.” Mr. Pyatt stressed that the US was cooperating closely with Greece especially in matters of defence and security, “let alone in the region of the Southeastern Mediterranean and in cooperation with countries such as Cyprus and Libya.”


For his part, Mr. Tassoulas underlined that the meeting with the top US diplomat confirmed the concerns present about the region, but also the mutual faith and common efforts to maintain peace in the wider region.

“These days, culminating in what is happening today at the Foreign Ministry, Greece is proving once again that it is a country, a force for stability and security in the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean. We have reached an agreements with neighbouring Italy, later with Egypt, which are agreements on cooperation, peace and tranquility in our wider region, and all these simple terms of cooperation will strengthen the prosperity and advancement of all countries in the wider region,”said the President of Parliament.

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