Video with bats in Wuhan lab sparks new scenarios for coronavirus

The footage presented by Sky News comes from a commercial, which was released in 2017

The keeping of live bats in Wuhan’s virology laboratory is said to shown in a video presented by Sky News Australia, thus refuting World Health Organization researchers, who had rejected this claim, calling it a “conspiracy theory”.

If the video turns out to be true, then Peter Dazak, a zoologist and member of the World Health Organization team investigating the origin of the deadly virus, is exposed, as he had stated in a Tweet that “bats had not been sent to Wuhan’s laboratory “.

Of course, Dazak later deleted these posts, and recently admitted that “I would not be surprised if, like many other virology laboratories, they were trying to build a bat colony”…

He added that the WHO team, which was in China, did not ask the scientists at Wuhan’s virology laboratory if they kept bats.

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The footage presented by Sky News comes from a commercial, which was released in 2017 to promote the inauguration of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The video, “unearthed” by the DRASTIC team, which identifies itself as a team of scientists and researchers investigating the origin of the coronavirus and sent it to the television channel.

Sky News did not show the entire video, but included small excerpts of the material, in which the bats can be seen.

Specifically, in a short excerpt of five seconds it shows bats in a cage, while other shots with similar cages follow and a scientist giving a worm to a bat.

So far, however, it is unclear exactly where exactly the video was filmed, as there are several research laboratories in Wuhan, at least one of which – the Centers for Disease Control – kept alive animals, including bats.