Who can refuse getting their blood pressure checked by this hottie? (photos)

Hot Irina is a med student in her final year

In the age of social media modelling, every aspiring young lady has a platform to showcase her assets and possibly get some kind of sponsorship. In the case of this sexy University student from Larissa, things might be a little different.

Sensual Irina Papasynnefaki posts on her social media and makes her followers’ heartbeat race wildly…Nothing particularly exceptional there…But, you see the hot student is in her final year in medical school, so don’t be surprised if she pops up in some doctors’ round at your local hospital asking you how you are feeling today…How do you respond to that coming from an angelic creature like Irina, not to mention your blood pressure hit through the roof by merely setting your eyes on her…

She currently has over 13,000 faithful followers on her Instagram account, something which will probably change soon, once this sexy ‘doctor’ gets out into the wider public…

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