1,500 disabled protesters demand dignity in large protest (video)

Marching on PM’s residense

Members of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (ESAMEA) are marching on Maximos Hall, the Greek PM’s residence, protesting against the government’s policies of spending cuts. Nearly 1,500 disabled protesters with are demanding humane benefits, shouting they cannot survive on 430 euros a month. “Let them try and live with 430 euros. This policy is the worst over the past years. We want to live with dignity”, says Michalis, a protester marching in his wheel chair. “We are protesting for our rights. It’s not just about the money”, a mother says.

The ESAMEA released an announcement calling for “the protection of the disabled family.” The group’s main demands are against the cutting of allowances; the large cuts in their pensions; the collapse of the public healthcare services; the shutting down of homes hosting children suffering from mental disabilities, autism, down syndrome, brain paralysis and heavy; and the lack of specialised staff in healthcare facilities for people with disabilities.