17 killed in Mumbai India after building collapses

Six injured

Seventeen people were killed, and six injured, after a residential building in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar collapsed on Tuesday.
Rescue operations are still under way.
A man trapped in debris for 15 hours was rescued and rushed to hospital. His condition is unknown. The building collapsed at 10:15 am. At the time, the man was alone in his apartment on the second floor. His son and wife had gone to a temple.
In the evening, the man – while trapped in the debris – made a phone call to his son. However, he stopped responding an hour later.
A few hours later, a nurse and a doctor gave him water and lime water. Holes were made in the debris to pump oxygen.
At 8 pm, his head became visible, but the rest of him was still beneath the debris.
He was finally rescued in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

source: indiatoday