22 Palestinians reported wounded, as clashes escalate in Gaza

Clashes spread ahead of opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Clashes have erupted along the Gaza-Israel border ahead of today’s opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestinian Red Crescent says 22 Palestinians have been wounded from Israeli gunfire in Monday morning’s clashes.
Tuesday marks the commemoration of Nakba Day, which Palestinians refer to as their forced mass exodus from their homes during the establishment of the state of Israel, and which is celebrated among Israelis as Independence Day. Thousands of people have gathered near the border to take part in Monday’s protests.
Huge demonstrations are expected to mark the May 15 event, which brings to a close the six-week “Great March of Return” demonstrations.
Earlier Gaza’s Health Ministry said at least a dozen Palestinians were injured. A journalist is reportedly among those wounded.
The IDF dropped leaflets warning people in Gaza to stay away from the security fence ahead of Monday’s protests. Demonstrators in North Gaza brought down an IDF drone that was allegedly dropping fire bombs on tents, according to the Great Return March movement.

source: rt