A great victory for Rena Dourou in Attica region

“We begin a war against interests,” she said at her election center near Propylaea early in the morning on Monday

Rena Dourou is the winner of the elections and becomes the new head of the prefecture of Attica.

With 97,07 % incorporation, Rena Dourou receives 50.89 % of the votes while Yannis Sgouros gets 49.11 %.

Shortly before 2 o’clock in the morning of Monday, Rena Dourou making a speech at her election center at Propylaea said “On Monday we begin a war against of interests,”.

“We have given a great fight and the majority of our fellow citizens understood that. We gave a fight, supported by morals, against interests”, she said and added: “Us, with the people, for the people, by the people we give the assurances that the District will not make erroneous distinctions such as first or second class Mayors, or first or second class citizens”.

“We seek to build Greece with solidarity, dignity and humanity”, she said, adding that “we will walk together, tomorrow dawns a great day,”.

Yiannis Sgouros admitted his defeat by saying that “the battle was not vindicated only marginally” and gave his congratulations to Mr Dourou.