A hilarious look at what Europeans think of each other (video + maps)

The European crisis has shown that despite the European Union umbrella, European countries are full of prejudices and assumptions about each other. The last five years has been full of finger-pointing showing that Europe is full of stereotypes

To better understand European perceptions of each other, cartoonist Alex Salo created an animation that explains stereotypes. The video shows how Western Europe links the east with its communist past whereas Eastern europeans see their western neighbors as being over-sexed and under-worked. Southern Europeans see the excessively disciplined Northerners whereas the northern Europeans look down on peasants sitting around and yelling at each other.

It is no wonder that there are jokes that say that heaven is where the police are British, lovers Italian, the mechanics are German, the chefs are French and it is all organized by the Swiss. Hell, on the other hand is where the police are German, the lovers are Swiss, the mechanics are French and the chefs are British and it is all organized by the Italians.

Europe according to the Brits:


Europe according to the French:



Europe according to the Germans:



Europe according to the Greeks:



Europe according to the Italians:



Europe according to the Russians:



Europe according to the United States:






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