A world distinction for the Greek passport: It is among the 6 strongest in the world

According to the PASSPORT INDEX

According to the Passport Index annual report Greece is in the 6th position in the world ranking, as the Greek passport holders can travel to 153 countries without the need of a visa.


The Passport Index is an indicator of the strength of the passports of all countries based on the number of countries they can travel to without visa.


At the top of the list is Germany as Germans can travel to 158 countries freely, followed by the Swedish with 157 countries. In the 3rd position are Finland, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Korea and the UK. In the 4th place comes Singapore, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, Norway, Japan and the USA, while on the 5th place we see Austria, Luxemburg and Portugal.


Greece is in the same position with Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.


In the last place, the 95th, we find Afghanistan, where the holder of the countries passport can travel to only 24 countries without a visa.