Albanian PM Edi Rama: We will solve our problems with Greece

Rama gives an interview to Athens News Agency during EU-Western Balkan Summit in London

Albanian PM Edi Rama expressed certainty that Greece and Albania “will complete their agreement with a new strategic cooperation document”. Speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on the sidelines of the Western Balkans Summit in London, he said that two countries were working on the resolution of issues, stressing the absolute necessity of reaching a solution that would lead to further cooperation.
“The most important thing is to use any problems not only to solve them but to turn the solution into a new level of cooperation and partnership,” the Albanian MP underlined, adding:” It is very natural and somehow through the resolution to reach the level of normal people, the average citizens who have already surpassed the past and have embraced each other.”

Mr Rama did not hide his satisfaction regarding the Prespes agreement between Greece and FYROM on the name dispute, which ended with Greece conceding the name “Northern Macedonia” to Skopje
“This is a good time to praise some results, primarily and mainly the great achievement of Greece and ‘North Macedonia’, thanks to the very courageous and brave leadership and vision of Alexis and Zoran, who also took their share of risk to confirm something that was not easy, but who also showed that where there is a will there is a way.”

Commenting on the reactions of both countries to the Prespes agreement, the prime minister of Albania stressed: “Of course the two leaders are facing reactions, but at the same time these reactions show that this was a very courageous decision that would also benefit Greece and ‘Northern Macedonia’, but also the Balkans.”