Angela Merkel invites PM Mitsotakis to Berlin

Mr. Mitsotakis will first visit Cyprus as Greek PM after July 22

Newly elected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will be visiting Berlin, after the official invitation by German Chancellor Angele Markel.
The Greek PM, whose first official visit abroad will be in Cyprus after Mr. Mitsotakis presents his government’s plan on July 20-22 in Parliament, will travel to Germany at the end of August.
The German Chancellor contacted Mr. Mitsotakis on the morning of Tuesday to personally congratulate him for his big victory and invited him to visit the German capital.
Mr. Mitsotakis thanked her and will finalise the exact dates of his visit to Berlin over the following days, which is expected to take place after August 20, when the Greek House opens.