Bad news for vegetarians, as study shows plants sense pain when being eaten

Plant used in experiment produced slight toxic oils to defend itself when being eaten

Vegetarians and vegans listen up. New research shows plants are aware of when they are eaten. And they don’t like it. it has been know in through scientific studies that plants possess intelligence, but according to a new study conducted by the university of Missouri revealed plants can actually sense when they are being consumed by people and send out defence mechanisms to try to stop it fom happening. A plant known as the thale cross, or as its is scientifically named Arabibidospis, was used in the study and the researchers managed to make a precise audio recording of vibrations and sounds as the plant was being eaten by a caterpillar. The theory they expounded was that the plants could hear of feel these vibrations ion some way. The scientists controlled the experiment by producing other vibrations and sounds similar to wind noise that the plant might encounter. The result was that according to Modern farmer magazine, the thale cress produces mustard oils mildly toxic when eaten and scatters them throughout its leaves to try and try to keep the predator away.