Berlusconi’s specific requests for parties, and the “Golden Bum”

Naughty telephone conversations show how the former PM chose his guests

Silvio Berlusconi’s bunga-bunga party chats have revealed even more spicy details.


After the telephone conversations released to the public by the newspaper “Repubblica” on Thursday, Berlusconi’s conversations appear as a treasure trove of naughtiness. In 2009, Berlusconi had a chance to invite Belen Rodriguez to one of his parties, but he passed, given that as she was the partner of A.C. Milan’s Marco Borriello (Berlusconi owns A.C. Milan).


Besides good-looking Rodriguez, whom he had helped land a TV presenter’s role, Berlusconi seems to dislike having tall women by his side. Tarantini’s chats with Berlusconi and other women clarify that not only were women judged by their height, but their hair colour and other… assets.


“The golden bum”


On November 20th, Tarantini’s description to Berlusconi is crystal clear: “You must see this friend of ours. She’s unbelievable. She won the ‘Miss Roberta’ underwear competition”.


The former Italian PM replied “Ah, the golden bum of Miss Roberta”… And Tarantini managed to get Miss Maristel Polanko to meet with Il Cavaliere. The rest, as they say, is history.


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