Concentration of the Turkish fleet in the Gulf of Xiros – The Greek Armed Forces in Evros are on high alert

Fears of further escalation and spreading of the crisis in Evros as a Turkish diversion tactic against Greece

Increased mobility is recorded from the early morning hours today in the wider area of ​​Evros, as information wants the Armed Forces in the prefecture to be on alert at least for the next hours.

The reason for the Greek vigilance is the gathering of a large part of the Turkish fleet in the Gulf of Xiros. It is the closest Turkish gulf to Greek territory, located about 30 nautical miles southeast of Alexandroupolis and north of the Gallipoli peninsula.

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Although the neighboring country is accustomed to conducting exercises in this area on an annual and sometimes semi-annual basis, on the one hand the volume of the Turkish fleet that has arrived in the specific area and on the other hand the timing does not go unnoticed, especially when some scenarios do not rule out an escalation with Turkey taking place initially in the wider region of Evros and not to the Eastern Mediterranean (as would be expected) in a distraction move on the part of Turkey, in case exploratory talks and the new cycle of dialogue, which Athens is trying to start, fail.

With these facts and in the aftermath of the presence of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis last weekend in the region, in Alexandroupolis, Feres and Samothrace, the Gulf of Xiros has attracted the interest of the Turkish armed forces, as it is included in the areas described in its latest few NATEX, that is together with the sea zone around Kastellorizo.