Coronavirus data – Almost 50% of patients aged between 40-64 in Greece

Most in ICUs are over 70 or have underlying health conditions

According to data from the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY), a little under 50% of Greeks who have been infected by the coronavirus are aged between 40-64 (45.1%).

So far, Greece has officially reported 79 deaths from the deadly virus, while 90 are intubated in ICUs, with 1,755 confirmed cases.

However, a worrying piece of data is the fact that based on the screening so far, the Covid-19 virus hits 1 in 3  people up to 39 years old. In particular, 2.9% are minors and 30.9% belong to the 18-39 age group.

The elderly over the age of 65 suffer the most serious effects due to the virus and are the ones who are mainly intubated but also have a fatal outcome.

21% of people infected with coronavirus in Greece are over 65 years old, with this age group accounting for 74% of deaths. One in 4 victims of the virus in our country is aged 40-64.

Of the 18 members of this age group who ended up in the ICU, 17 were men.

Male patients are the ones most affected over the age of 65, as of the 54 people who died, 34 were men and 20 were women.

Regarding hospitalisation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), epidemiological data show that ICU beds are occupied almost on parity between people over the age of 65 (53.8%) and younger people, aged 40-64 years (46.2).

Of the 90 infected patients currently in ICUs, 71% are suffering from underlying health conditions or are over 70 years old.

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