Covid-19: Greece has second best record for confirmed cases in the EU

Only Finland has a better ranking

Greece has the least confirmed cases per million population (13,174 cases) in the European Union, ranking 26th (second best), with only Finland having a better record in 27th. In the EU of 27 countries, Greece is 19th in tests per million population.

On a global level, Greece ranks only 89th in the proportion of confirmed cases per million population.

In absolute numbers of cases (137,918, of which 52.3% men) Greece is 62nd in the world.

In terms of deaths from Covid-19, Greece is ranked 42nd in the world in absolute numbers of fatalities (4,788, of which almost 60% are men) and in 44th place in deaths per million population (460).

In the European Union, Greece is 19th in deaths per million population, while Cyprus is 27th, ie it has the fewest deaths in proportion to its population.

Regarding patients in serious condition/intubation, Greece (with 443 on 30/12) is in 31st place in the world. In terms of performing diagnostic tests for the coronavirus, Greece is 46th in the world in absolute numbers and 54th based on their ratio per million population (322,248).

The first case of coronavirus in our country was reported on February 26, while the first death from Covid-19 on March 12, 2020. Vaccinations in Greece and the rest of Europe began on December 27, at a time when the confirmed cases of Covid-19 had exceeded 1% of the world population.

On the morning of December 31 (Greek time), according to the database, the diagnosed coronavirus infections on Earth were about 83.07 million, at a time when the world population is around 7.8 billion.

Deaths from Covid-19 internationally, within a year of the outbreak of the pandemic in China, had reached 1,812,226.