A dog interrupted a professional soccer game running on the field & now a player is adopting the pup (video)

Raúl Castro’s family has a new super-happy member

A very good dog interrupted a professional soccer game in Potosi, Bolivia, on Christmas Eve.

During a match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosi in the Bolivian professional football league, a fluffy gray dog ran onto the field with a cleat in its mouth.

Play continued for a few moments while “Cachito” – as the dog has been dubbed by fans – chased around players and sought belly rubs from the athletes.

The Strongest star Raúl Castro eventually caught Cachito and carried the canine off the pitch.

Castro has since announced that he intends to adopt Cachito and said that he’s already “contacted the shelter where the puppy is,” according to Pagina Siete.

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Source: yahoo