Cyclone Ianos: Where it is expected to hit next

Attica expected to feel its force later on Saturday

Mediterranean cyclone Ianos is continuing its destructive course across Greece, after devastating areas of Thessaly and killing two people in Vasili Farsalon and Karditsa.

As the Civil Protection said in its morning briefing, citing the latest forecasts of meteorologists, the storm is estimated to hit the Attica region by noon but with lessened intensity.

More intense phenomena are expected in the afternoon, mainly with heavy rains and thunderstorms in Corinth and Argolis and later in the Cyclades.

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The cyclone has started moving south and on the morning of Saturday, with its center pinpointed southwest of the Peloponnese.

Last night many areas of Thessaly, central Greece experienced serious problems from the torrential rains which led to the overflow of rivers, destruction of infrastructure, buildings and bridges and the death of two people. In the morning and afternoon hours of Saturday 19/09, the weather is expected to worsen in the Eastern Peloponnese with occasional heavy rainfall and possible thunderstorms.

The Civil Protection has called for the state divisions to remain on high alert and coordinate efforts to deal with the phenomenon and its effects, but also focus on the ongoing problem in Thessaly and Central Greece, where the Fire Brigade continues to provide assistance and aid in water drainage.