Defence Minister Kammenos to Turkey: We will crush you like we did to the Ottoman Empire in the past

The Greek Defence Minister appealed for help from Greece’s allies for the release of two Greek soldiers held in Turkish prisons

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos issued a strict warning to Turkey that Greece would crush anyone who dares to threaten the national sovereignty and integrity of the country. Following the military parade for the anniversary of Greek Independence Day, Mr Kammenos responded to a recent statement made by Turkish President Erdogan regarding Turkey’s determination to kill or die in order to promote the idea of a great Turkey. The Greek Minister said:
“We are a peace-loving people, we will do everything to maintain peace, but we will crush anyone who dares to challenge our national sovereignty. Just like the Greek fighters crushed a powerful Ottoman empire in 1821. Those who have thoughts of great Ottoman empires should be reminded that in 1821 the Greek people, united and strong, faced the Ottoman Empire and crushed it.”

“I would like to reassure the Greek people that the armed forces of the country are ready to face any challenge to the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country,” said Kammenos.

Mr Kammenos once more appealed for aid to Greece’s allies for the release of the two Greek servicemen held in a prison in Turkey. “I request the support of the friends and allies for the release of the two Greeks who are locked up in the high-security prisons of Adrianople. We need action, and now we will be counting our friends and allies”, he said. Referring to Turkey’s aggressive stance, the Defence Minister said: “Turkey must understand that we might be constantly conveying a message of peace and reconciliation, but such behaviours isolate it and they send it back from where it started in the depths of the East”.