Dorothea Merkouri: I was sexually harassed three times

Greek actress said it was more prevalent in Italy

Dorothea Merkouri is an actress that left her mark on Greek showbiz. Apart from her presence in Greek movies and TV series, the beautiful and talented brunette has also had an international career. With all the revelations on the sexual scandals in Hollywood and the showbiz industry, Dorothea told Marie Claire magazine recently her personal experience of being a victim of sexual harassment.

“With the publicity that the issue of sexist behavior has taken…maybe men can understand. I am moved by the bravery of the women who are coming out and talking. I have faced sexual harassment three times. The one time I lost the role, the other eight of my ten scenes were cut. It was the beginning and I thought I was doing something wrong. But I was faced with this situation mainly in Italy.
The first week I moved to Rome they asked me if I was going to dinner at the Palazzo Grazioli and I did not understand. Then I found out that there is where Berlusconi’s ‘bunga bunga’ parties were being held. It is a disease, however. In America, there are a lot of clinics that one can go to recover”.