EPP Head Weber: EU must act now and impose sanctions on Turkey

The German politician said the EU should send clear messages and that it stands on the side of the Greeks and the Cypriots

“The time has come to act, to consider imposing sanctions on Turkey,” Manfred Weber, the head of the European People’s Party (EPP) said at an extraordinary session of the European Parliament, where the conclusions of the recent EU summit were discussed today.

“Regarding the situation in the Mediterranean, we have all seen the military actions on the part of Turkey, we have also seen the decisions on Hagia Sophia which is an example of religious chauvinism, a symbol, and monument of peace and reconciliation has changed now,” he said.

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Mr. Weber stressed that “the issue is not just Greek-Turkish or Cypriot-Turkish, it is Euro-Turkish” and noted that “we would like to emphasise in the presence of Mr. Michel [President of the European Council]  and Mrs von der Leyen [president of the European Commission] that we must send clear messages and that we stand on the side of the Greeks and the Cypriots”.

In closing, Weber said that “of course the channels of communication and dialogue remain open, but it is time to act now, possibly to consider sanctions against Turkey. We must act and act now. “