EU exposes Greek gov’t on closing borders

FYROM government will take additional measures regarding the closing of its borders with Greece

European Council President Donald Tusk  gave his congratulations to the countries that closed their borders to irregular migrants via Twitter exposing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras just a few days after the EU summit on refugee held in Brussels.

Mr. Tsipras returned from Brussels claiming that the countries that imposed border controls were isolated by EU, but in fact it was Tsipras who was isolated, especially after yesterday’s post of Mr. Tusk on Twitter.

The president of the European Council said on Twitter: “Irregular flows of migrants along Western Balkans route have come to an end. Not a question of unilateral actions but common EU28 decision”, clarifying in his follow up tweet: “I thank Western Balkan countries for implementing part of EU’s comprehensive strategy to deal with migration crisis”.

Moreover, FYROM government announced that its competent government committee will meet on Thursday to take additional measures regarding the closing of its borders with Greece until the next EU summit which will take place on 17-18 March.  During the last three days, FYROM did not allow anyone to enter the country claiming that since Serbia and Slovenia do not accept refugees, they will not accept either. Therefore, the countries along the Western Balkan route are refused to accept even 580 refugees, as they originally had decided ten days ago when imposing border controls.