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EuroGroup President: No guarantee deal will close before April 6 (video)

Talks to continue in Brussels

The President of the EuroGroup Geroen Dijsselbloem said the Ministers would continue in Brussels, following the end of the EuroGroup meeting, Monday. The head of the organisation sterssed there had been progress regarding the second review of the Greek bailout program. He underlined that despite the target being the conclusion of talks as soon as possible, there was no guarantee that it would be achieved before April 7. He added that the institutions were closely following the execution of Greece’s budget. On his part, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici made a general reference to progress during the presence of the creditors’ representatives in Athens. He added, however, that there still were “thorny” issues that had to be overcome. The executive director of the ESM, Klaus Regling echoed the sentiment of Mr. Moscovici stating that “good progress” had been achieved during talks in Athens.