EuroGroup President: Reforms in Greece must be implemented next week

French Finance Minister said a debt deal could be reached in June

Arriving at the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, the body’s president Mario Centeno said the news of a deal at a staff level for the Greek matter was “excellent news”. He added that the reforms would have to be implemented by next week. Mr Centeno did not directly respond to the question of the IMF involvement and its role, adopting vague language like “we are close to a deal” and that its participation in the Greek programme was important.

“We are on track for a debt deal in June,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire arriving at the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels on Thursday. , joining the Eurogroup. He went on to say that “we have to close the 4th review in June, adding that Greece had taken some serious decisions and would continue on a similar path. Commenting on the Greek debt relief, the French Minister said once the fiscal programme is over for Greece a clear and strong mechanism had to be put in place.
On his part, Slovakian Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said that a deal of the Greek debt was not expected today at the meeting, and the disagreements with the IMF would be decided in the next phase of talks.