EU’s longest sandy beach located in Preveza, Greece! (VIDEO)

The stunning Monolithi Beach is 25 kilometers long!


Here’s a fun fact: the longest sandy beach in the European Union is found in Greece, in the Prefecture of Preveza to be exact.

Stretching 25 kilometres of coastline along the Ionian Sea, it extends from the village of Mytikas to the village of Kastrosykia.

The popular beach is well equipped for visitors, with free beach chairs, showers and beach side bars.

The name Monolithi, meaning ‘single stone’, was inspired by a single rock that was located near the coast up until 1942, before being destroyed by German and Italian soldiers during World War II.

As a result, the rock has become an underwater reef, located 10 centimetres below the surface.

Watch this video of Monolithi Beach by Tech Flight:

Source:  neoskosmos