Explore trails on the Greek Islands (PHOTOS)

Discover what brochures won’t show you…

Although Greek Islands are renowned for their beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters they are home to some amazing hiking trails you should discover. Old walking paths lined with herbs, offering their unique smells, run along the islands’ land; uphill, downhill or through ravines. Countless trails will drive you by monuments, watch astonishing sunsets, live some local customs and breath in the refreshing Aegean Sea breeze that meets the mountainous air.

Tracking a Dragon

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Meet one of the oldest ecosystem on earth on Mount Ochi in southern Evia dominating Karystos Town. The large trekking path network reveals under the radar gems; unique geology, archaeological sites and monuments, a centenarian chestnut tree forest (at Kastanologgos) as well as the impressive Drakospito of Ochi (an archaeological mystery).

The main path begins from Myloi Karystou heading towards the refuge located at 1100m altitude. At this point the marked trail will drive you to the top through some steep bare mountainsides. Make a stop at the rock-carved Prophitis Ilias Chapel and drink in the breathtaking view. At a stone’s throw away visit the age-old “Cyclopean” structure known as Drakospito of Ochi.

Other suggested trekking trails:
Petrokanalo – Dimosari’s Gorge
Paths of Archampoli’s coast
Centre of Environmental information – Agia Triada – Castello Rosso – Myloi
Platanistos – Helleniko – Potami beach

Nature Pilgrimage


Tinos Island, also known as the island of Virgin Mary, is renowned for it’s pilgrim traditions. The island boasts of unique architecture and rich cultural heritage in the hinterland. Visit traditional villages through cobblestone paths that reach 400km length. The cliffs are adorned by remote dovecotes and old watermills, terraces and stone walls, chapels and shrines, granite boulders and castle ruins all with a spectacular sea view.

Discover more paths:
Monastery of Kechrovouni – Exomvourgo
Falatados – Livadas Bay
Myrsini – Prophet Ilias – Tsiknias
Kardiani – Isternia – Pyrgos
Falatados – Volax – Agapi

Cosmopolitan paths


Rhodes Island, the capital of the Dodecanese, has a cosmopolitan aura and beautiful beaches. If you are a trekking lover this is where you’ll discover countless monuments, important cultural artefacts, pristine villages and forests.

Dominating the island’s mountainous backbone is Mount Anavyros, where you can explore it’s demanding alpine paths (suitable for trained hikers). If you are a less experienced hiker you can follow two different trails beginning from Nymphi Springs that lead to Profitis Ilias Chapel and enjoy natures beauties. The first path heads directly to the chapel where the second one goes through the Butterfly Valley.

Some more suggestions:
From the peak of Filerimos cliff in Trianta follow a two hours path through a pine forest ending up to the seashore.
From Salakos Village up to the chapel of Agiou Nikolaou Fountoukli enjoy a 4-5 hours walk, on a moderate level of difficulty trail, through a shady forest and olive groves.
From Kritinia walk up to the Castle (the best preserved crusader castle of the Knight Hospitallers on Rhodes Island); a perfect sunset-gazing spot.
From Vlyha to Lindos.
From Anchangelos to the Monastery of Panagia Tsambika.
From Koskinou Village to Thermes Kalitheas.