FAZ: Greece the winner of tourism

Article in German medium praises Greece as top destination

The latest of a series of positive articles on Greek tourism from Germany comes from Frakfurter Allgemeine (FAZ). In an extensive piece that focuses on the top tour operators in the country, FAZ dubs Greece as the top tourist destination. FAZ notes that “after a difficult year in 2016, with tourists not only avoiding trips to Turkey, but also completely rejecting offers from tour operators, the two leading representatives of European tourism (TUI and Thomas Cook) are optimistic again. Greece is the winner of the year, Egypt records a doubling of reservations. (…) TUI, after half of the current tourist season lasting until the end of September, records an increase in turnover by 3% to almost 6.4 billion euros. And Thomas Cook recorded an increase of 3%, with a turnover of about 3.4 billion euros “.