FBI probe in Novartis case does not concern Greek politicians: US Ambassador Pyatt to ND leader Mitsotakis

The two men also talked about Turkish aggression in region and name dispute with FYROM

The US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt informed the President of major opposition party, New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis that the FBI investigation into the Novartis case involved no probe into Greek politicians. The two men discussed a number of matters of mutual US and Greek interest, as part of a scheduled meeting. “The FBI’s investigation is focused on crimes that violate US law. There is no FBI probe of Greek politicians”, Mr Pyatt said.

They also talked about the developments on the name dispute between Greece and FYROM, as well as the escalation of Turkish provocations in the wider region and its destabilising role in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Mr Mitsotakis then met with UK Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith, during which he discussed, among other things, the developments concerning Brexit and the prospects for bilateral co-operation in the post-Brexit era.

The President of New Democracy informed the British ambassador about his contacts in Munich, pointing out his concern at the rise in Turkish provocations in the Aegean and Cyprus.