Fearless Peshmerga female fighters eat snakes in graduation ceremony (photos)

Modern-day Amazons

Incredible pictures show fearless female anti-ISIS fighters biting into snakes and rabbits as they graduate from combat school.

The officers of the Peshmerga – Kurdish military forces – graduated today near the Iraqi-Kurdish town of Soran, 60 miles northeast of the Kurds’ capital, Erbil.

During the ceremony, the women sunk their teeth into live snakes and rabbits and took down their male counterparts in combat.

Peshmerga first became a key player in the ground war against ISIS in August 2014 when the Sunni-extremist troops attacked their region.

The Kurdish Peshmerga is renowned for using female fighters on the frontline, with one of the women’s biggest achievements being when they held off an ISIS assault on the city of Kobane , and reclaimed the strategically crucial Mosul Dam soon after it fell to the militants.

ISIS were said to be “terrified of the force because they thought being killed by a woman lost them a place in paradise”.

source thesun.co.uk