Giannis Antetokounmpo saves old man in heatwave!

Greek Freak shows his incredible character

The Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has proven his exceptional athletic skills on the NBA basketball courts time and time again. But the most impressive thing about the 2.11 metre Milwaukee Bucks star was his down to earth character and compassion, which was on full display in Athens. Giannis is in his favourite city, Athens, running a charity campaign and literally came to the rescue of an elderly man who fainted due to the high temperatures. On Thursday, the heatwave in the Greek capital had caused an unbearable atmosphere with the temperature reaching 37 Celsius. In the neighbourhood of Goudi in central Athens, an old man fainted and was only saved from hitting the ground and injuring himself when a woman passing by managed to grab onto him. His weight, however, was too much and they were both about to crash to the ground, when, as if out of nowhere, the Greek Freak appeared and prevented the man from falling. He then helped the old man sit in a chair and regain his senses. Giannis asked the woman whether she knew the old man and stayed on the spot until the man had fully regained his senses. The woman then called an ambulance which collected the man. The woman later posted on her Facebook wall describing her experience. “You are a huge athlete, but I realised how huge of a person you are”, she wrote, singing the praises of the Greek Freak.