Giannis Antetokounmpo responds to racist “monkey” comment against brother Thanasis by Olympiakos fan (video-photo)

Greek PM Tsipras posts photo wearing Antetokounmpo jersey on his Instagram account condemning racism

NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo lashed out Thursday, November 15, at a Greek television presenter who described his brother Thanasis as a “monkey” following a EuroLeague game last weekend.
Presenter Takis Tsoukalas, a well-known supporter of Olympiakos, targeted Thanasis Antetokounmpo with the “racist” remark shortly after he had helped his team, Panathinaikos, beat arch-rivals Olympiakos 93-80 in a EuroLeague clash last Friday.

Καταρχάς Θανάση θέλω να σου ζητήσω συγνώμη γιατί ξέρω αυτό που θα πω θα τραβήξουν πολλά βλέμματα πάνω σου και πάνω μου και ξέρω είναι κάτι που δεν θες.. Αλλά είμαι σίγουρος αμα ήταν ο μπαμπάς εδώ θα ήταν πολύ απογοητευμένος αν κρατήσω την σιωπή μου. Έχω χάσει τον ύπνο μου τις τελευταίες μέρες για το αρνητικό-ρατσιστικό περιστατικό που έγινε πρόσφατα. Αν αυτό μπορεί να συμβεί στον Θανάση ο οποίος εκπροσωπεί με περηφάνεια και με ένα συνεχές χαμόγελο την Εθνική Ελλάδας και τον Παναθηναϊκό, δεν μπορώ να φανταστώ την περνάνε άλλοι έγχρωμοι στην Ελλάδα. Είμαι παρά πολύ λυπημένος και απογοητευμένος.. Αλλά δεν θα αφήσουμε τα αρνητικά σχόλια να αλλάξουν αυτη την οικογένεια και την αγάπη μας για την χώρα στην οποία μεγαλώσαμε. Εγώ και τα αδέρφια μου είμαστε Έλληνονιγηριανοι και σε όποιον αρέσει και θα συνεχίσουμε να εκπροσωπούμε και να μιλάμε με τα καλύτερα λόγια για την Πατρίδα μας. ???? @thanasis_ante43 #MoreThanAnAthlete

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Giannis Antetokounmpo (@giannis_an34) στις

Giannis Antetokounmpo, who plays for NBA club Milwaukee Bucks, lashed out on Twitter: “I have lost sleep in the last few days over the recent racist incident.”

Meanwhile, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras posted a photo on his Instagram account wearing the Greek national jersey with the name Antetokounmpo on the back. The Greek PM captioned the picture writing: “Respect and pride for the people who were born, grew up here and made Greece, their own homeland. No tolerance to racism and hatred.”


The Antetokounmpo brothers are of Nigerian parentage but were both born in Athens and hold Greek nationality.
Giannis added: “If this can happen to Thanasis, who represents the Greek national team and Panathinaikos with pride and with a smile, I cannot imagine what other people of color face in Greece.
“I am sad and disappointed but we will not let the negative comments change this family and our love for the country we grew up in.”
Tsoukalas has been sued by two anti-racist organizations in Greece and has been summoned to explain his comments by the National Council for Radio and Television.
In a statement, Tsoukalas said he never mentioned Thanasis’ name “in a racist mood.”
“I characterized his behavior as an athlete who was twice punished by the referees with technical fouls,” said the presenter.
“I know very well attempts are being made to turn this incident into a racist issue and I warn them that I will follow the lawful judicial route in response to this.”