Government will compose four merged Ministries and six “small ones”

Interior and Administrative Reconstruction – Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism – Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy – Culture, Education and Religious Affairs

Te newly elected Prime Minister will shrink ND’s 19 Ministries to 10.

Four out of the total ten will be merged Ministries, while at the same time two of the remaining six will be called differently.

More specifically:

–          Merged Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, will include:  The ministries of 1) Interior, 2) Administrative Reform and E-Government, 3) Public Order and Citizen Protection and 4) Macedonia and Thrace.

–          Merged Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism, will include: The Ministries of 1) Development and Competitiveness, 2) Marine and Aegean, 3) Tourism 4) Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

–          Merged Ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy, will include: The Ministries of 1) Environment, Energy and Climate Change, 2) Rural Development and Food 3) the services of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Industry Development and Competitiveness.

–          Merged Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, will include: The Ministries of 1) Culture and Sport 2) Education.

At the same time the current Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare will be renamed to Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, while the Ministry of Health will be renamed to Ministry of Health and Social Security.

In addition to the four newly formed Merged Ministries there will be a further six “smaller ones”, which are: 1) Foreign Affairs 2) National Defence 3) Justice, Transparency and Human Rights 4) Labour and Social Solidarity 5) Health and Social Security and 6) State.