Greece has one of the lowest minimum wages in the world, WEF report says

Australia has the highest rate in the world

Greece has among the lowest minimum wages in the world, according to data from the Wirtschafts-und Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut (WSI) cited by the World Economic Forum in its report entitled “These countries have the highest minimum wages “.

Australia has the highest minimum wages globally, according to the same data with an hourly rate yielding the equivalent of 9.47 euros (US$10.78) of purchasing power, according to the report, almost six times that of Russia’s, which is worth only 1.64 euros ($1.87) in purchasing power terms. European nations made up the rest of the top five; while Brazil and Argentina joined Greece as the nations among the lowest earners.
Greece has an hourly rate of 4 Euros, with Brazil paying less the 2 Euros per hour and Argentina slightly above the 4-Euro mark at 4.1, while Russia (1,64 Euros) makes up the bottom four with the lowest minimum wages.