Greece ranked 52nd in prosperity among 149 countries, according to Legatum Institute

Greece is 46th in the health ranking

The Legatum Institute, a London-based think-tank, presented the list of the healthiest and most prosperous nations in the world.
According to the research, Greece was ranked 52nd among the 149 countries included on the list. The results took into consideration variables such as economic prosperity, business environment, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom, social capital, and natural environment.

In the overall Prosperity Index rankings, Greece has fallen by 4 positions from 48 to 52 when compared to last year. Since the Prosperity Index began in 2006, Greece has moved down the rankings table by 14 places.
Greece ranked extremely low in economic quality at 102nd spot, business environment (80th), while its lowest showing was recorded in the social capital at 131st. In terms of health Greek was ranked 59th.
The healthiest country in the world was Singapore, followed by Luxembourg and Japan.