Greece’s first guide dog for the visually impaired has died

Lara was 16

Lara, the first guide dog for the visually impaired in Greece died on Tuesday at the age of 16.

Lara had become a symbol of people suffering from visual impairment, as it haloed them move freely.

The black Labrador Retriever left its own legacy as it led to the establishment of the Lara Guide Dog School in Greece.

Lara started her career as a guide for the blind in October 2005. By 2009 she was faithfully following Mrs Gertsu and had travelled to many places, as she had made 16 ship trips, 68 air travels and countless with trains, buses etc.

She had participated in dozens of seminars and visited many Greek and European cities when the concept of guide dogs was virtually unknown to most and the law did not allow their access to many areas.

Her owner, Ioanna Maria Gertsu, as well as the second guide dog guide in the family, Mie stayed with Lara till the end. Mrs Gertsu posed a retouching message on her Facebook wall bidding her final farewell to her dog.