Greek authorities bust human trafficking ring

The boat was carrying 52 refugees and illegal immigrants

Greek port authorities dismantled an organized refugee human trafficking ring from Turkey to Greece, after locating 52 illegal immigrants and refugees on a remote beach on the southeast coast of Euboea.

Utilising leads and intelligence from the Port Authority of Karystos and actions by the Directorate of Security and Protection of the Maritime Borders, officials of the Port Authority of Andros located a boat captained by a 36-year-old foreigner carrying the aforementioned refugees and illegals and ascertained he had crossed into Greece without the necessary shipping documents.

During the coordinated operation, a police check carried out by the Special Missions Squad of the Central Port Authority of Chalkida detected and immobilised two vehicles which planned to transport refugees to Athens.

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Both the drivers, a foreigner, and a Greek national were arrested, as well as the captain of the boat carrying the 52 refugees and illegals.

The boat was also confiscated, as well as one of the vehicles.

Based on the ongoing investigation and information, a 47-year-old foreigner, a resident of Athens, was identified as the leader of the ring and arrested in a store he maintains in the area of ​​Athens.

After searching the suspect’s residence, authorities found and seized five forged passports and four identity cards belonging to other persons, while another person’s passport and two mobile phones were found during the search.

The Directorate of Security and Protection of Maritime Borders is also investigating the possible involvement of other persons in the illicit circuit.