Greek designers create next generation of floating sunbeds

Fiberglass allows for the sofas to safely stay afloat

When it comes to leisure by the sea, nothing comes close to Greek expertise. If this statement needs affirmation, then there is no stronger proof of Hellenic ingenuity than the ‘Waves’ line of outdoors furniture. Created by designers Manos Tsikliotis and Vivian Paraschos for INOMO designs, ‘Waves’ are 2 meter long floating sunbeds.

The name is a reference to the movement of the Mediterranean sea, but the appeal lies in the material used – fiberglass – which allows for the sunbed to float easily, making it ideal for use in the sea, anchored in shallow water, as well as on the sand.


The luxurious looking floating sofas have made a significant impression and are currently sold internationally, though remaining an up-market product, priced at…€2,800 each!

Source: neoskosmos