Greek electro-solar vehicle in production

The designers have started a funding campaign at Indiegogo

The electro-solar & pedal power vehicle , Sunnyclist , designed by a group of mechanics in Crete is ready to be in production and the designers have started a funding campaign at Indiegogo .

Sunnyclist represents an attractive and affordable solution of modern people for green mobility, with minimal costs, autonomy, no environmental pollution and without infrastructure commitments.


Αn electrο-solar vehicle (category L5e) that uses a large rotating photovoltaic generator and powerful motors which could carry three passengers and their luggage with an extended driving range.

The car moves with electricity, which is stored in a lithium battery that can charge from the sun, the grid or from passengers, when they pedal. In normal conditions, the three energy sources, solar, battery and muscle power, contribute symmetrically. This synergy makes SUNNYCLIST the most economic, environmental and autonomous vehicle ever built.