Greek Expats, save a young Greek from SYRIZA’s Gulag!

Urgent plea to all the Greek brothers abroad

Here in Greece they are setting up the first post-redneck-communist regime under the pretext of the Memorandum (bailout program), in the EU, where poverty and terror reign as the law of the land.

There are two Greeces. There is the Greece located down in the corner of the Balkan peninsula, trapped in the memorandum-gulag that SYRIZA, along with some of its aspiring idiotic comrades have gladly signed on to in order to cling onto power and partake in the “good times”- a despicable minority. (Those nouveau riche, faux-lefties, who lust after public office and went so far as to exclude themselves from the Solidarity Levy!). That Greece was condemned to perpetual enslavement when the Left’s moto of “First Time Left” signed off, for the first time in our History, all our public wealth for 99 years! A country mired in poverty, lies and in the annihilation of not only every hard-working Greek homemaker, but of the Greek soul itself. But there is another Greece-equal in population-living and thriving outside the boundaries of the Greek state, in the five continents. The Greek expatriates, who we erroneously dub as such, since they are in reality more Greek than local Greeks themselves.

Scattered across the globe they have been prospering through hard work for over 100 years during the emigration flows. From the Greek billionaires in the US, who even managed to form a “Greek team” in the White House, to the London lobby, the distinguished Greeks in Australia and South Africa, and those ordinary working Greeks in Germany, Canada, Belgium, Latin America, the Greeks abroad were and always have been a distinguished and welcomed community in their adopted homes. Those Greeks are in stark contrast to the state of Greece, which “managed” to turn into the “drop-kick” and laughing stock of the EU and the IMF by the sheer blindness and greed of its political class. The Greek state, which Konstantinos Karamanlis had achieved to include in the core of the initial EU countries in 1960, after the devastation of WWII! The Greece that many had left behind for a better future yesteryear, or simply because Odysseus’s blood runs through our veins, has become a GULAG of insanity and decline with absolutely no prospect whatsoever.

The once proud Greek people, who only 12 years ago organised one of the best Olympic Games ever, are today desperately lingering like ghosts in a place where a leftist-state phantom spreads fear over all, as the memorandum has enslaved them. Last week’s newspaper headlines could not be more indicative of this state of affairs…200,000 applications were submitted by young and old for jobs as stretcher-bearers! Of course, no doubt any type of job is respectful and socially beneficial, but when this has become the vision of security (!) then something is wrong in this land. What it simply means is that there is NO FUTURE! All serious pundits agree that Greece needs at least 10 years to be able to see any light at the end of the tunnel, and that only if all projections pan out in a positive way.

The only thing is that another 10 years have been lost, which translates into one generation already destroyed. And all this while the IMBECILIC public commentators and sneaky politicians are supposedly sounding the alarm of a massive brain-drain because nearly half a million (!) scientists of all ages, but most prominently younger people, have fled SYRIZA’s Greece, where a “career is like cholera”, as Tsipras consultant, the ex-barman Mr. Karanikas said! In short, it is impermissible for someone to prosper. They are punished with hyper-taxation and premeditated bankruptcy! 500-euro monthly wages tantamount to starvation, with the 1,000-euro mark being the ceiling, and the tax services ready to mop up anything from houses, properties and lands (once owned by our forefathers), confiscations and seizures. If that is not Neo-Communism under the guise of the memorandum, then what is? And why should the young people stay here, anyway? So that the humanoid-ensconced rodents, who are weaselling their way into state posts can suck their blood dry like leeches?

Save them! Those who could have already left by themselves. But there is a large portion of our population (high school and university students, unemployed youth) that wants to flee and prosper and return to Greece 10 years later to rescue their country that “syrizastan” ravaged! Let’s not delude ourselves: Remittances from relatives abroad to today’s workers and ‘virtual pensioners’ will only suffice for them to barely survive. The syriza “gang” and their acolytes will gobble everything up, until they leave and the country is saved from them. At this juncture only Greek expatriates can help. All of the expats have some young distant relative in Greece, and most of the Greeks abroad are able to provide a plate of food and a room for their relatives to either study or take them in their businesses. Save a young Greek from the SYRIZA-cesspool, along with Greece from her own bad self. But such a venture cannot be accomplished in a systematic or centralised manner, as many “well-wishers” are ready to mar it! Since it is already happening silently, let the message pass on from mouth to mouth to all the Greeks around the world, who feel ashamed of their country’s mess. Brothers, it is not an exaggeration, THEY ARE KILLING US ONE BY ONE!

Apart from everything else, the current regime is infused with an anti-patriotic spirit and wishes to mutate the young children by changing their faith and national identity. It should therefore not come as a surprise that they [government] recently introduced Turkish as the second official language in Greek schools in Thrace, where Neo-Ottoman expansionism is rampant. They intentionally want to turn GREEKS into VASSALS (like the ‘ragiades’ in the Turkish-Ottoman era) again, so that they will be subservient to the German lenders, and make them into fools, believing that a prosperous future lies in becoming a stretcher-bearer! (In a sense that could be true as most of the Greeks are crippled already).

Greeks of the diaspora. You, who have probably been told by your parents or other expatriates that escaped half a century ago from the “communist utopias”, LEARN about what is really going on in the “old country”! Lend a helping hand and save a young child from the first post-redneck-communist regime being set up with money from ignoramus EU technocrats, who want Greece as a their sunny holiday resort to come and bask in the sun. In a state of total bewilderment, the EU, similar to the era between the two world wars, is helplessly watching as new malignant political forces of the vilest type are popping up across the continent that have nothing to do with the normal democracies of the EU. Unfortunately, History is repeating itself. But what is of the utmost importance is to take care of our children, because it is they who will once again restore normalcy to our country. So before the third world regime here manages to annihilate our children or spiritually lobotomise them, make haste and spread the message from mouth to mouth: SAVE A YOUNG GREEK NOW!

Themos Anastasiades