Greek Foreign Minister Dendias: Our national sovereignty is not negotiable

Mr. Dendias said Greece would take part in operation “Peace” in Libya

The Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias said defending the country’s national sovereignty was not something to be bargain with.

After a meeting of the National Council on Foreign Policy (NCFP), Mr. Dendias pointed out, Greece was acting with “composure and determination” in the face of Turkey’s escalating delinquency, which was unfolding both in the Aegean and in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean. “The country is always committed to international legality and international law,” he added.

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“We are using all diplomatic means and are raising awareness among partners and allies. At the same time, we are making it clear that defending our sovereignty and sovereign rights is not a negotiable matter,” he said.

Regarding Libya, Mr. Dendias informed the NCFP that Greece would be present in operation “Peace”, with the assumption of executive positions, while the task of the operation is the absolute implementation of the arms embargo.

“We believe that this operation is very important for creating the necessary conditions for resolving the Libyan crisis,” he said.