Greek Foreign Minister: Turkey has become extremely nervous

Nikos Kotzias says Turkey intentionally delayed talks on Cyprus

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias accused Turkey of adopting a dilatory strategy on the Cypriot issue during an official visit to Armenia. After his meeting with his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian, Mr. Kotzias said Turkey was intentionally procrastinating avoiding entering into the substance of the talks which was the illegal invasion and occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. “The Cypriot problem is an issue of occupation by Turkey, which has been occupying 40% of the island for 43 years”, he underlined. He continued by stating that Turkey must accept that it could not remain on the territory of a UN and EU member state and accept that problems could not be resolved through force. Mr. Katzias accused his Turkish counterpart Mlevut Cavusoglu of bringing matters irrelevant to the Cypriot issue after leaving the Geneva talks. “My impression is that they [Turkey] are increasing pressure by any means because they do not want to discuss the essence of the Cypriot problem. Because the Cypriot problem is one of occupation”, he said. The Greek Foreign Minister said Turkey had become even more “nervous” with increased “religious, political, ethnic, economic and cultural contradictions after the failed military coup.” Mr. Kotzias and Mr. Nalbandian agreed to upgrade the strategic relations between the two countries militarily, economically, culturally and politically.