Greek House votes to lift Parliamentary immunity of trhee MPs

One is accused of being involved in the Novartis scandal

Greek MPs decided to lift the Parliamentary immunity of three of their colleagues, Andreas Loverdos, Marios Salmas, and Aristides Fokas after a roll-call vote on Friday.

The deputies voted during a plenary session with 213 “yes” and one “no” to lift the immunity of Andreas Loverdos in relation to the Novartis case, following the Prosecutor’s recommendation who had sent the case to Parliament.
Meanwhile, with 209 “yes”, four “no” and one “present”, the immunity of Marios Salmas was also lifted.
The immunity of PM Aristides Fokas was also lifted with 213 “yes” and three “no”.
Speaking in Parliament, Andreas Loverdos called on his colleagues to vote in favour of lifting his immunity, so that, as he claimed, no shade of doubt could be left about his innocence.

Mr Salmas also asked for his immunity to be lifted by MPs, denouncing SYRIZA members for scheming to frame him.