Greek MEP Marias forms new party called “GREECE-THE OTHER PATH”

Purpose to liberate Greece from its lenders-“loan sharks”

Notis Marias, a Greek member of the European Parliament has launched a new political party called “GREECE-THE OTHER PATH”. Mr. Marias, who was a former MP of the “Independent Greeks” party (ANEL), the minor coalition party of the Greek government, submitted the relevant founding statement to the Greek Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 28. The independent MEP reached the decision after a series of meetings and deliberations with citizens across Greece. The MEP stated that his move is aimed at creating the conditions for Greece to liberate itself from the lender “loan sharks.” He went on to say that the new party is the political movement that will give Greek citizens the chance to struggle in order to scrap the memorandums and free the country from the loan sharks, to write off the odious debt and to claim reparations from Germany. Mr. Marias said the party would have an institutional role in politics as it was represented in the EP.