Child adoption by same sex couples is contrary to evangelical teachings: Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Church opposes bill submitted by Labour Ministry

Legislation by the Labour Ministry that paves the way for same-sex couples to become foster parents has triggered a strong reaction, with the Greek Orthodox Church expressing its open opposition to the bill.

The excerpt of the bill that has resulted in the official clergy’s protest concerns a clause that secures the right for same-sex couples that have entered into a civil cohabitation agreement to foster children, as the Church claims it would open a “window” for homosexual couples to legally adopt children.

The Permanent Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church in its meeting yesterday rejected the prospect of homosexual foster parents, stating that, in relation to Article 8 of the bill submitted by the Ministry of Labor entitled “Measures to Promote the Institutions of Foster parents and Adoption,” the Permanent Holy Synod announces that “Any form of (fostering or adoption), which is contrary to the evangelical teaching and traditions of our people as regards the sacred institution of family and marriage, can not have the acceptance of the Church”.
Meanwhile, major opposition party New Democracy (ND) said it was against same-sex couples adopting or acting as foster parents to children.