Greek PM Tsipras to meet FYROM counterpart at Davos

Greek PM expected to table Greek proposal of compound name

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet his counterpart from FYROM, Zoran Zaev on the sidelines of the Davos International Economic Forum, Wednesday.

The crucial meeting, scheduled to take place at 4pm (Greek time), is expected with high anticipation as both men will attempt to explore any prospects that could lead to a convergence over the name dispute, as well as discussing the other contentious matters like irredentist policies of FYROM.

The Greek side points out that Mr. Zaev has demonstrated a spirit of cooperation in contributing to a mutually accepted solution over the name, which contrasted the stance adopted by his predecessors. Athens sees his stance in a positive light but awaits more tangible proof that would materialise during the talks under the UN auspices. Mr. Tsipras will reportedly present the Greek position to his colleague or a compound name.