Greek President Pavlopoulos: Greece will honour its obligations, provided its partners do the same

Meeting in Athens with German President Steinmeier

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos expressed the Greek people’s gratitude to his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier during their joint press conference in Athens, Friday. “The Greek people will not forget how much you have contributed in order for Greece to remain in the Eurozone, during the crisis”, Mr. Pavlopoulos said addressing the German President, adding that the appreciation towards him was evident. He went on to say that Greece would uphlod its part of the agreement, provided its partners did the same. Mr. Pavlopoulos stressed the Greek people had made great sacrifices for the country to overcome the economic crisis. “I would to like to assure you that Greece will overcome the crisis and remain in the EU and the Eurozone”, the Greek head of state said. Mr. Pavlopoulos expressed his hope that the sacrifices of the Greek people would be taken into account in relation to the completion of the second review of the Greek program. Commenting on the terrorist attacks, Mr. Pavlopoulos said no power in the world could serve the values of democracy, solidarity and peace better than Europe. “It is Europe’s primary mission to defend the fundamental rights of humans globally against extreme facets of globalisation”, Mr. Pavlopoulos pointed out. The Greek President concluded by underlining that the Lausanne Treaty determined the EU’s borders and any dispute over the matter was unacceptable.