Greek Professor elected fellow in the British Academy of Medical Sciences

Formal ceremony to take place on June 27

A Greek scientist of the Diaspora, Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics and Dean for Life Sciences at the William Harvey Reserach Institute Panos Deloukas has received a special distinction after being admitted as a fellow into the prestigious British Academy of Medical Sciences.
Mr Deloukas is among the 48 scientists (16 women), most of whom are British, to be selected as a new fellow of the Academy from 410 candidates, bringing the total number of members in the Academy to 1,262. The formal admission ceremony is scheduled to take place on June 27.
Panos Deloukas obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece and MSc in Microbiology from University Paris 7, France. He received his PhD from the Biozentrum University of Basel, Switzerland in 1991. He joined the Sanger Centre in 1994 where he set up a high-throughput pipeline for radiation hybrid mapping, leading an effort to map 30,000 gene markers, GeneMap98.

Panos was an active member of the Human Genome Project coordinating the sequencing and analysis of chromosomes 10 and 20. After the completion of the HGP he joined the International HapMap project constructing SNP maps of the human genome. Since 2005 he is studying the molecular basis of common disease and variable response to drugs in humans through large-scale genetic studies.

He joined the William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University London in September 2013 working on the genomics of coronary artery disease and lipid levels. Panos is a member of many consortia including CARDIoGRAMplusC4D, Global Lipids Genetics Consortium, GIANT, the UK Biobank Cardiometabolic Consortium, and the Cardiovascular Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership. He has authored over 400 publications (H-index 121) and is listed by Thomson Reuters among the 1% highly cited researchers in Molecular Biology & Genetics since 2012.

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