Greek tourism: German travellers give huge boost to Greek revenue

Revenue also up from France and UK

Greece saw a large rise travel revenues from Germany in the 11-month period from January to November 2017, making a significant contribution to a 10.7% increase in the revenue recorded by the Bank of Greece in the travel account.

Revenues exceeded 14.4 billion euros and arrivals of non-resident travellers increased by 9.9%. Only in November arrivals of non-resident travellers and related receipts increased by 3.3% and 1.3%, respectively. Travel receipts in the 11-month period amounted to 14,413 billion euros, compared with 13,025 billion euros in the corresponding 11 months of 2016 and 13,941 billion euros in the 11 months of 2015. With respect to the main markets for the 11-month period of 2018, the Bank of Greece released the following data …

Revenue from France amounted to € 989 million, up 17.4% and traffic increased by 8.2% (1,412 thousand travellers). From Germany, revenue amounted to € 2.53 billion, increased by 32%, with an increase in traffic by 18.3% (3,668 thousand travellers).

Revenue from the United Kingdom also increased by 11.6% to € 2 billion. Traffic from the United Kingdom increased by 3.5% to 2.958 thousand travellers. US revenue rose by 4.8% to 791 million, and travellers to 839 thousand, up 11%. Finally, a decrease of 3.2% was observed in revenue from Russia, which amounted to 414 million, and a marginal decrease in traffic (-0.7% to 580 thousand travellers).